Wednesday, January 18, 2006


by tink (tinkerbell.sarah)

there's a peculiar taste to the air tonight
an un-tasteable flavour, defying it's pigeon hole
a heat flash of a tingle
tha crawls slowly from the back of your jaw
it's not quite pleasant
but not altogether awful
and holds you with
the twisted interest level
of a bad accident you drive past
with deliberately exaggerated caution
and cannot
will not
look away

there's a lurking demon in my closet tonight
and the crack in the door seems very far away
to close or not to close it, that is the question
whether t'is nobler in the mind's eye to suffer
or a smarter bet to go to sleep
with my head under my pillow
and forget that I remember
the demon's name
and that
his number is still written down

there's an undercurrent of hope tonight
and it's sweeping my feet from under me
but it flows so slowly that i can't feel
the sand that I've built my life on
between my toes
as it moves invisible
back into the sea
from whence it came

there's a murmur of waves in the wind tonight
and it envelopes me with a maternal kiss
to the forehead
wishiing me angels on my pillow
and the promise of a new day
a new day in which
i can choose to shine
Or hide in the storm clouds
no matter the actual weather

There's a quiet amusement that's improvng tonight
and finding all of the long hidden ticklish spots
the laughter isn't quite as boisterous as it once was
but the emotion is twice as strong
and more than real
i think that i might
for once
get some sleep

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