Saturday, February 11, 2006

winter frost

by senecablood

my sadness grew too strong
can't control it anymore
feel like i don't belong
another day i'll not endure
this empty life's a waste
shattered dreams all is lost
hold a gun against my face
color red the winter frost

no love to leave behind
depart the world with no goodbye
the only friend i'll find
the earth who eats me when i die
to never smile again
feel the warmth of sun's gold ray
time now to end the pain
the purpose of my final day

tranqulity at last
i greet you death with open arms
when the moment's past
the world can do me no more harm
the life i used to love
an ember that's long since burnt out
i turn my eyes above
start the bullet on its route

too late to turn away
as brains are speckled on the ground
in death now i must stay
the icy darkness i have found
there's no eternal sleep
for my mad immortal soul
emotions i must keep
while i am lowered in the hole

the life i chose to take
i want it back at any cost
down below i am awake
up above the winter frost"

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